Innis College Sussex Entrance and Signag


Innis College is one of U of T’s seven colleges. Founded in 1964, it is among the younger colleges on campus and the only one to be named after a U of T professor – political economist Harold Innis. Innis is also one of the smallest colleges, with around 2000 undergraduate members. The College building is located at 2 Sussex Avenue, just north of Robarts Library. Innis College prides itself on student leadership, boasting the first and only governing body with parity distribution between students and faculty, called the Innis College Council (ICC), on top of two student-lead bodies both in the college (Innis College Student Society – ICSS) and in the residence (Innis Residence Council – IRC).

Innis College Library Entrance
Innis Cafe Seating Area
Innis College St.George Entrance

The Innis College building is home to many services and spaces available to students. These include the Innis Café, the Innis Library, student leader offices, and a commuter lounge. There is a large outdoor green space, appropriately named “The Green”, as well as a rooftop seating area. This building also houses the Principal’s office, where you can find Principal Charlie Keil, and the Office of the Registrar, led by Innis Registrar Donald Boere and his team.

College Building

At Innis, you can attend a free Friday night film showing at the Innis Town Hall, facilitated by the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU). 

Innis College Upstairs Patio
Innis Registrar's Office