Innis Orientation now has a podcast: Our Journeys!

This podcast series is a new orientation initiative to help you incoming students learn more personally about the many people you may encounter for support and resources during your undergraduate journey. The series will consist of five 20-minute episodes in the weeks leading up to orientation. A new episode will be released every Sunday so stay tuned to learn more from the Innis staff.

Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable reaching out to these supports and remember that they're not scary people. They were once in your spot too and are ready to help guide you through all the ups and downs of your undergraduate experience!

Scroll down to listen to our first episode!

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Episode 1 - diaNthi fernAndo

Our first episode features Dianthi Fernando, the Student Life Coordinator at Innis’s Office of Student Life (OSL). Join us as she walks us through her undergraduate journey of incorporating her passions into her academics. Dianthi touches on several topics that many of you might encounter such as cultural expectations, switching programs, and career planning. Feel free to reach out to Dianthi at dianthi.fernando@utoronto.ca if you ever want to chat!