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Our Mission

Welcome to Innis College! You have joined an esteemed group of impressive, amazing and spectacular undergraduate students at what has been ranked the best college on campus (rankings decided by us, but we’re not biased so don’t worry). We would like to welcome you with a big virtual hug and an amazing Orientation experience! 


This year you will be placed in one of the Elemental Empires: Water, Fire, Earth or Air. Historically, these elements have shaped the universe as we know it and see it. Individually, each element serves its own purpose in nature; however, they all come together to create balance. Similarly, we all have our own individuality that when combined with others lays the foundation for infinite possibilities.  

In Your


2019 Innis Orientation students during the UTSU Tri-Campus parade
An orientation 2019 leader holding up her team sign
First year students posing for a group photo on the boat cruise during Orientation 2019

Our theme, IN Your Element, represents the diverse lived experiences of the incoming student body and the importance of finding the ideal conditions that allow for your success. Innis is home to a diverse group of students, and it is only by coming together and sparking new connections that are we able to fully realize our true potential. So, work with your teammates through a variety of online challenges to accumulate points and win the first ever Elemental Empire Championship! Which Empire will reign supreme?

Two students dancing on the boat cruise during Orientation 2019
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Orientation will look a little bit different compared to previous years but will remain equally as fun. Our structure will combine both synchronous and asynchronous components to provide a holistic experience to prepare you as best we can for this new journey! In August, you can expect pre-recorded modules and online activities to be available on Quercus for you to complete. These modules will cover topics that we believe will best prepare you for the unique learning opportunities that come from a virtual academic environment. In addition, fun quizzes and activities will be made available for you to win points for your Elemental Empire! Come September you can expect a live welcome, socials and other surprise events that we have planned to start your university experience off with a bang! We are all #INnistogether and we are so excited to welcome you to Innis Orientation 2020! 

Still not sure about how Orientation will work during COVID-19? Want to learn more about Innis stakeholders? Looking for a checklist to help you prepare for Orientation? You can find the answers to all of those questions inside our general Welcome Booklet. To download the booklet, click on the "Download Booklet" button to the right!



asked questions

How will virtual orientation/hybrid orientation work?

This year, you will be able to receive a full orientation experience from the comfort of your own home. There are two main parts of Innis Orientation this year: asynchronous and synchronous programming. Asynchronous programming will primarily be shared with you through Quercus, the same site you use for your classes during the year. It will include pre-recorded modules that will prepare you for University life, as well as optional ways to get involved including discussion boards with other Innis students and student leaders, as well as fun quizzes and activities that can help you gain points for your Empire. Synchronous programming will occur in late August and early September, schedule to follow soon, and you can choose to attend any (or all) of these events to make connections and earn points in real time. Additionally, if conditions permit, we will be offering some in-person, socially distant programming on-campus for those who wish to attend, for a small fee.

What’s the benefit of attending a virtual orientation?

Virtual Orientation will serve as a crucial component to aid in your transition into post-secondary life. Although online, we will provide essential resources, services and supports to help you feel prepared for the upcoming academic semester and answer any questions you may have. Orientation is also a fun way to meet new friends and make lasting connections. As a bonus you can access all of this from your bed, so you are just one click away from a week of fun and entertainment!

When and where is virtual orientation taking place?

Online modules covering topics to help prepare you for university life can be found on the Quercus site starting mid-July. Live online activities will be taking place in late August/ early September over a variety of platforms that will be specified on the Orientation schedule as we get closer to the date.

How can I make friends during virtual orientation?

Participating in the variety of social activities we have scheduled can serve as a valuable opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances. Taking part in ice breakers and activities facilitated by your leader can also be a less intimidating way to get to know your team members. Many people stay in touch with the students they first meet at Orientation, as highlighted on our Instagram Friendship Fridays!

What does my orientation fee include?

The Orientation fee this year will include any service fees required for online programming and your Orientation Welcome Kit!

How can I register for orientation?

You can register for Orientation by clicking the tab at the top of this webpage. Fill out the form provided, and you are all set!

What is the cost of orientation and how do I pay?

The fee for Orientation is $50; however, this is automatically paid through your ACORN account and included in your first semester tuition fees. There is NO payment associated with registration, so just complete and submit the orientation registration form and you are all set!

What is in my orientation kit?

Your Orientation Kit can be broken into three parts, a mailed kit, a virtual kit and a pick-up kit. Upon completing the registration form we will organize and mail you a kit that consists of a welcome letter, stickers and some fun items you can use to participate in Orientation events such as origami paper. You will also be emailed a virtual kit that contains puzzles, booklets and other digital resources in August. Finally, you will be able to pick-up an Orientation branded t-shirt and fanny pack. You will receive an email at a later date with more instructions on the virtual and pick-up kit!

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Address: 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5