So, what exactly is orientAtion?

Orientation is a series of workshops, events, and opportunities to best prepare you for your time at U of T. These opportunities are educational, developmental, and social in nature. Orientation 2021 will combine asynchronous and synchronous activities, providing a holistic experience to prepare you as best we can for this new journey!

In July and August, you can expect pre-recorded modules and online activities on Quercus. Covering a range of topics, these modules will prepare you for the upcoming year, as well as inform you of the many resources available to you at Innis and U of T.

From September 6th to 8th, you will have the unique and valuable opportunity to sample university life before class starts online. Do you have questions about campus, courses, or living in Toronto? Innis Orientation has all your answers! Receive advice from upper-year students, get to know your professors, learn about the St. George campus, and make life-long friendships. Come join us for an unforgettable college experience!

What about commuter & International orientAtion?

We will be hosting a Commuter Orientation on Saturday, August 21st and an International Orientation on August 22nd. These are additional opportunities for commuter students and international students to get acquainted with each other, learn about resources, and gather tips specific to their student experiences. Come on out to this specifically tailored orientation experience for more fun opportunities and shared lived experiences with Innis staff and upper-year students!


What can i do to prepare for orientAtion?

You have all been enrolled in the Innis 101 course, which is housed on Quercus.
Here, you will find all the information you need to prepare for university. As the summer goes on, more modules will become available for you, with the final one being Orientation. This last module will be where all our Orientation programming is held. In order to prepare for Orientation, make sure you login to Quercus and familiarize yourself with the course! 

Throughout the summer we will also be using our social media to provide updates about orientation and introduce you to Innis staff members, clubs, and some upper year students. Be sure to check us out on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to learn more about Innis and what’s in store for Orientation!