School can get both mentally and physically draining. Regardless, U of T offers many supports to help facilitate your leaning while also maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. 


Many facilities on campus provide gym access already included in your tuition such as the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, the Athletic Centre and Hart House. Beneficially, the Athletic Centre and Hart House have a pool and offer a wide variety of training sessions from yoga to lifting weights. 

Innis offers many intramural sport teams , from dodgeball to soccer, if you're looking for some healthy competition throughout the year. U of T also offers drop-in sessions for many sports including volleyball, squash, swimming, basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee. All you have to do is show up at the specified facility during the drop-in time and you can immediately join in to play a game! For more information on the drop-in schedule visit

Health and


The Health and Wellness Centre if your go to stop for any supports you require regarding mental health and physical supports. Nurses and doctors are available through drop-in, but appointments are always recommended. Check out the Health and Wellness website for a more comprehensive list of programs and services offered. 

Immediate Medical Attention

If you have any illness or discomfort for which you would like to seek immediate medical attention, there are several walk-in clinics around campus that are open past Health and Wellness operating hours. If you need emergency help, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Mount Sinai are a few of the big hospitals with emergency departments near campus. Generally, walk-in clinics offer shorter wait times and may be a better option for smaller concerns. For more information, please visit the Health and Wellness website


Any student from Ontario should have universal health insurance provided through the provincial government called OHIP. If you are an international student, your tuition fees covers a basic insurance plan called UHIP, that functions like OHIP. If you are an out of province student, your provincial universal health insurance may cover you for a period of time but it is generally recommended to apply for OHIP as soon as your are eligible. These basic insurances cover generic medical costs such as emergency services, family doctor appointments, walk-in appointments, and immunization shots. For more information, please visit the website of your basic health insurance.

Furthermore, as a U of T student, you are automatically covered by the UTSU Studentcare insurance plan (unless you choose to opt out). This insurance plan covers additional services on top of your basic health insurance, such as specialist appointments, dentist appointments, psychological counseling, chiropractor's appointments, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and prescription drugs. Additionally, using your UTSU Studentcare plan, you can receive an additional 10% off prescription drugs at Rexall pharmacies. If you are filling your prescription at Rexall, your insurance will cover 90% of the cost. For more information, please visit the UTSU Studentcare website