From September 7th to 9th, we have three days full of online programming that you will navigate with the help of your group members and leader! Below you can find some more information on the schedule and descriptions of all our orientation events. All these events will be held either through MS Teams or Quercus

Sept 07

The Boy in the Iceberg
Adam Growe event description.
Break Time event description.
Build Your Empire event description.
The Good Stuff: Consent, Connection, and
Break event description.
Meet the Elemental Guardians event descr
Break time description
Agni Kai event description

Sept 08

The Good Stuff_ Consent, Connection, and
Learn to Bend Origami
Riddle Me Innis event description.
Break Time
Pre-UofT event description
The Boy Who Cried Wolfbat event descript
Break Time
University, What a Drag!?
Break Time
Ember Island Players event description.

Sept 09

Early Sky Bison Bingo event description.
Enter the Avatar State
E-momo-ji Charades
Break Time
The Bending Games
Meet the Elemental Masters
Innis Clubs Fair
Break Time
SozIN's Comet
Harold's House

Sept 07

"Decoys" with David Pelech

Sept 08

U NITE UTSU Welcome Back Event


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