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Your Leaders, also known as your Elemental Masters, serve an important role in your transition to university life. They will be your mentors through this entire Orientation experience and help guide you through the different activities we have planned this year. 

Their role is to support you by serving as a liaison between you and Orientation, to ensure that you are having fun and attending helpful sessions. They will also facilitate ice breakers and conversation within groups to help you spark new connections. Elemental Masters will oversee smalls groups within your Empire to personally welcome you to Innis College. 

They are also here to answer any questions that you may have about Innis or university in general to ease any worries you may have, so ask away!



I'm a social person by nature, and I actually signed up to be an orientation leader to meet people and experience Orientation again. My favourite part was experiencing the whole spirit of Orientation and the pride that we have for being part of Innis! The Innis spirit is definitely what got me pumped to be part of my new community when I was in first year, so it was cool to share that with new Innisians. I was fortunate to make a few friends in the incoming class, and Orientation was the place where I met my closest underclassmen friend. Ilian and I bonded over our love for musical theatre, and he's become a friendly face around Innis. He and I have had a few study sessions together in the Innis Residence study rooms. Being a leader meant that I was able to both participate in the fun of orientation and be the first upperclassmen many of the first years met. That meant that I was in the special position of welcoming them to university, getting to know them, and answering any questions they had. It certainly allowed me to share my experience with underclassmen in a meaningful way. It was a blast to be a part of!


Group photo for team Ever Green Giants during Orientation 2019
Three leaders making silly poses at the camera



My leaders during Orientation were incredibly kind and welcoming. In some senses I was still a little bit shy at Orientation, as it was the first week of a new school year in a completely different environment: all unfamiliar to me, as it surely was with other first years. Because of this, I did not build a strong bond with any of the leaders at Orientation, but Annie and her co-leader helped provide an environment in which I quickly felt more comfortable. My first year experience during Orientation was a memorable one, to be sure, in various ways. It was fun, interactive, and filled with activities that provided social opportunities. Orientation benefited me in the way that I quickly got a feel for campus and, more specifically, Innis College. It also benefited me in the way that it made meeting new people a lot easier, and I am still close friends with people I met there. While I do not still talk to Annie regularly, we ended up being in the same house in residence, so we saw each other now and then in the hallways or at house meetings. Having that extra familiar face that I met in Orientation in my residence house helped make it a more welcoming experience as I adjusted to my new student life.


Leader Application

Join us as a leader and help make lasting memories as a friend and as a mentor!