Everyone has a unique definition of home. Some believe it is where you relax or where family is. We believe home is where you want it to be! We want to welcome you into Innis, which will be your home for the next several years. This year, we are committed to creating warm, positive, and supportive environments for you to connect with others and excel after a year of feeling disconnected. Innis is home to a diverse group of students and whether you are coming to from another country or city, we want you to make yourself at home!  


This year, we have restructured our orientation program to provide you more holistic support throughout your first year at Innis and U of T. InnisTogether represents our college’s branding and identity of being a wholesome, tight-knit group. We want to welcome you into our family and provide you with a comfortable environment to grow, learn, and make friends. With this new structure, we will facilitate all of the opportunities you need to make the best out of your first year!  



Orientation is the first point of contact between incoming students and Innis as well as the University of Toronto. Our goal is to create comfortable, inclusive, and accessible virtual environments that provide opportunities to connect with others safely and foster a sense of community. With students returning to campus this year, we want to welcome them to where they will call home for the next several years. We hope to provide a holistic orientation that offers a combination of academic, social, and wellness programming to prepare and support students’ transition into university life. We want our orientation to be a memorable experience for first-year students - one that supports their needs during this new stage of their lives. 


oRientation 2019