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Gong cha sponsoring Innis Orientation 2019
Innis Orientation 2019 students eating food sponsored by resturant
Innis students playing with throwing paint during Orientation 2019





Innis College is home to 2100 students and is excited to welcome 500 new students to the University of Toronto. Orientation is the first introduction students get to the University and serves as the initial platform to allow students to engage with the College and the University at large. Our sponsors play an integral role in the success of Orientation - we cannot do it withou you.  In light of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to provide a sense of community for our incoming and returning students by fostering new connections virtually and in-person.

We continue to offer a wide array of sponsorship tiers

And have the freedom to negotiate custom sponsorship packages.  Do not hesitate to contact us at sponsorship.orientation.icss@gmail.com for any inquiries and offers.  We truly value your support of our students and the Innis community. 

Valerie Nguyen and Tony Hu
Sponsorship Executives