Many students work throughout their time at the  University of Toronto. Be it working part-time during semesters, full-time during the summer, or co-op during Professional Experience Year (PEY), there are many options you can choose from when it comes to gaining work experience. Beyond your studies at university, the skills you learn while working can help give you a leg up in life and on the job market. Like with everything else, we are here to support you along your career journey.

My name is Tony Niu and I have worked at the Innis College IT Support Helpdesk for the past 2 years through the work-study program. During my time there, my primary job was to provide all sorts of IT support for different departments in the college such as the Innis College Library, the Principal’s Office, the Innis College Registrar, students and professors/TAs from time to time. I wrote various how-to documents for staff members, set up wireless printing for students, monitored the usage and status of different printers, updated computer systems, and answered countless IT-related inquires. Should you be interested in applying for a work-study position, feel free to check out the CLNx website! 



Work Study  Program


Need some extra money? University of Toronto offers a wide variety of work-study positions to help balance your class schedule and working life.

The Work Study Program is designed to facilitate your learning at school by also providing the opportunity to depend your skills and exploring different career paths. The Work Study Program takes place twice a year, in the summer and during the fall-winter academic sessions. You can apply through while also viewing all kinds of job opportunities both on and off campus. Another benefit of the Work Study Program is that all jobs are CCR certified. CCR stands for co-curricular record. This is a record of all validated work or volunteer opportunities you pursue at U of T. You can highlight core competencies and have an official U of T document validating these experiences to add on your resume. Keep an eye out for Innis work-study positions! 

Innis College offers a lot of opportunities to get involved but also get paid doing it through the Work Study Program. You can work as a Front Desk Assistant at the Innis College Library or Innis Residence. The College building offers positions at the IT Help Desk as well as The Principal’s Office which is home to a wide variety of work-study positions ranging from aiding the Assistant to the Principal or working alongside the Advancement Communications Officer. In the Residence you can work as the Maintenance Assistant or the IT Assistant. Lastly, work-study opportunities can be found at the Office of Student Life (OSL) where you can work as a Community Development Lead, aiding OSL with programming throughout the academic year.

All College affiliated opportunities can be found on under work study, whereas all Residence opportunities can be found through the Residence website

This past academic year, I had the opportunity to work with the Innis OSL team as one of the Community Development Leads. I came across this position while looking for other ways to get involved in the Innis Community. As a Community Development Lead, I worked closely with the Assistant Dean of Student Life and the INSight Chair to plan and promote events that relate to the leadership portfolio. Some of the events I held include a Resume Workshop, Bullet Journal Workshop and Insight Mentorship socials. This work study not only taught me a lot about organization, event planning and time management but also about the different resources that are on campus that are easily available to students.



Career Guidance

In addition to being the portal for job postings, the CLNx also offers an abundance of resources, tailored to help you figure out your next career moves. On their website, you can find a calendar detailing when career workshops are available.  Be it your interview, resume, cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, or graduate school applications, the CLNx has a workshop for you. 

As an Innis student, you also have access to an exclusive career educator who can help dissect your career concerns and provide specific recommendations. You can book an appointment with the career educator through emailing OSL at or contacting Career Exploration & Education, through phone or email, and telling them you are an Innis Student. 

Research Opportunities

As one of the top research institutes in the world, the University of Toronto offers many options for you to experience research work in your undergraduate. When there are research assistant openings, labs will most often post on the CLNx job posting board. Sometimes, they will also work with program specific student unions to recruit students. Thus, it is good practice to follow the student unions of your interest on social media to stay updated on research opportunities.

However, not all labs are actively on the hunt for help. If you are really interested in the research being conducted in a specific professor's lab, you can politely email them with your resume and transcript asking if they might be able to offer you a paid or volunteer position. Professors love seeing enthusiasm and initiative from students, so they will definitely try to work out something if possible. In general, it's good practice to build a close professional relationship with your professors. They can be extremely helpful when it comes to writing recommendation letters and giving you updates on research positions.